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asus 10.1 32gb transformer book t100

in this video i'm going to an unboxingof the asus transformer book t-100 those runs and atom processor but it's the new bay trail atomprocessor and i'm really anxious to get my handson it so let's get to it a the now before i get into this-- i want togo off on a slight tangent i used to refer to the company thatmakes this as seuss then they came out with the videodefining how to pronounce your name and they wentwith a sis

since then i've heard people from thatcompany refer to it as seuss again so i'm gonna stick with seuss i know some people refer to it asa sis so potato frittata actually the name of thecompany comes from the word pegasus so technically will be asus but no onecalls it that so enough with that tangent let's get tothe business at hand here because i'm anxious to get this thing open now in my last video you saw that i dida look back on the windows surface rt tablet and iactually sold that device on the bay so

i no longer have it so this is my next great hope forwindows device for at least a windows tablet device theasus transformer book t-100 ta dash see one that dash gr which isthe actual name of it we'll just stick withpt100 not to be confused with the terminatort-1000 anyway this device runs an intel atomquad-core processor which is actually a bay trail processorso those are the newest atom processors on the market now i'veactually owned

to adam powered devices in the past andthey left a lot to be desired i had any pc and most recently i had adell inspiron duo now my year has been a very busy yearand i haven't published a lot of my videos that dell inspiron duo is one of thevideos or series of videos that i never published but i will publish it when time permitsin short that device was a disaster it was wayunderpowered i love the form factor of it with thescreen actually somersaults within

the basil but after having that device iswore off atom processors but i was lowered back by this device because the bay trailatom processors are supposedly so much more usable than theirpredecessors this tablets: slash netbook has 2 gigabytesof ddr3 memory it has 64 gigabytes have solid statestorage on it you can get supposedly a 32 gigabyteversion but i haven't seen that availableanywhere it has a ten-point one inch screen

and the kicker is is that has supposedly11 hours of battery life so i have highhopes for this device now i got it from amazonfor about three hundred and fifty dollars shipped now this device goes for $399 dollars unfortunately amazon is sold out but if you look on amazon page there's athird party selling this device for 439 dollars right now so somebody's trying to make a little extramoney during shortage here

now this device came out on october 18 today is october 28 so i gotta about tendays later i actually pre-ordered it but i pre-ordered it late so the stock was gobbled up by thepeople who had actually gotten there first but i was fortunateenough to actually get this device so anyway the msrp on this is 399dollars again i gotta for 349 dollars onlybecause i got an amazon credit card and theyactually gave me fifty dollars for just signing up for

so that's a great deal so i think i vhammered on enough let's open a sling up may grab my trustycar here that my cat dropped let's get this thing opennow normally amazon ships to me locally on the eastcoast united states but since there is a shortage on thisthey had the fed ex this from california the alright skits paper full of box so this is actually back ina box it says seuss industry's most complete carepackage you get one year international

warranty 0 bright dot guarantee so no dead pixels two-way free standard shipping and 24hours a day seven days a week technical support so stuff right here seuss transformerbook t-100 now if you're familiar withseuss's transformer line you know that it'sbasically a tablet device that clicks into a keyboard dock iactually did a full review and unboxing on the a sissy pad transformer primewhich was

a an android tablet and it was a greatdevice but this one is actually a windowsdevice obviously as you can see here has windows 8.1 so let's get this thing open here graham color again break the seal books open this up for the first time so here we go the main event here the aces transformerbook again intel quad core processoratom-based bay trail

it has an ips screen so you have 178degree viewing angles honest it has a usb 3.0 port on it again hasthat detachable i'll keyboard to it all-day battery lifesupposedly 11 hours which is really cool and it ships with office microsoftoffice home and student 2013 was for that to the side and take a look at the doc itself now this is very similar to the he padtransformer book doc in the way it looks the onlydifference is that this device here is it doesn't have a battery in it it'sjust a keyboard

and then i guess there's a usb port onhere as well on the side but we'll get to that second was putthat to the side and we'll see what else is in the box here we've got some documentation and then and office license product key which ican show you but it's there here is a usb cord here and here's is the wall clock here it's got your 6 branding their 3 plugin the usb typical wall plug

and i think that's pretty much it that'severything in the box so let's start with keyboard here let'sget this plastic of here and try and do it police destructivewhere possibly can because this will find its way on mebaby one day prolly not today or tomorrow maybe nextyear maybe the year after depends how muchlike it anyway the first thing is the feel of it you have a texture on the front sortalike a brushed aluminum texture i believe everything is plastic thoughyou have

hdmi bringing over here you have intelinside branding and of course your energy star branding as well you track down here which is clickableat the bottom your to areas down here we have a rightto left mouse click you have a little bit over rubber bumperthere so when you close a device unitedscratching you also have an sides here two little ones there and then you have your keyboard here wasfeeling it feels to type on it not so bad the keysare

small in height and as i can see here the shift key is pretty small andgenerally i hate small shift keys but we'll seehow that works in practice when i use skype saidu touch type basically a never look at thekeyboard when i hit the shift key sometimes a hit the up air okay but we'll see howthat works out again in practice again like i said looks like it's on allplastic construction it is a so that the gun metal gray again withyour brushed aluminum

texture here you can actually feel it okhere is the mechanism were the tablet actually hooks in you have to guide areas there and thenthe actual dock connector there this one here is torelease the tablet now again this keyboard doesnot have a battery in it just keyboard and a usb poor here which is here usb 3.0 port here other than that there's nothing on theleft nothing on front nothing on the rates and the back ofcourse you have here

hinge mechanism here on the bottom ofthe device it's sort of a hour somewhat overrubberized feel to it your windows a branding their and thenyou have your for river ice he very simple next up we have the tabletitself so let's get this out of the plastichere okay so here's the device itself looksreally nice you have your pursues branding up here you have a 1.2megapixel webcam here it's only for facing thereis no rear-facing camera on this device now this is a tener .1 inch ips panel

the resolution is 1366 by 768 again it runs windows 8.1 and has to delight so ddr3 memory nose is a fall windows devices is not a windows rtdevice there's an x86 processor in here just incase you're not familiar with what an atom processor is you get a 64 gigabytes internal storage and then pursues offers web storage andremember exactly how much that is but they do offer free storage with thepurchase this device

it supports 802 dodi levin a g and an wifi and it has bluetooth 4.0 it as a 31 what hour battery againsupposedly up to 11 hours and this tablet weighs 1.2 pounds with the doc it weighs 2.4 pounds the dimensions are ten-pointfour-inches' by 6.7 inches and the thickness is point 93 inches so if i had to i could palmthis device easily it's a good size if you watch myprevious video on the windows surface rt

tablet i did say that working on that deviceover long periods of time would be cramped some going to expectthe same out at this device the only difference is i'm gonna expectthis device to be much more responsive and it has forwindows on it and of course that's a plus because youcan run olive your legacy ap sign so let's take a quick tour around thisdevice as you saw the front at for a nice will fire it up in a secondon the bottom is basically just your connection

area here see every dock connector theiryou have your to guiding points there and that's wherethe base actually locks into the tablet here on the right side you see that you haveyour headphone jack you have a micro hdmi and micro usb port you also have a micro sd card slot inthere our top there's nothing ashes a mic uphere i take that back is mike there and thenit looks like there's a power button up here with an led light

next to it on the left to the device you have what looks like a lock buttonof some sort and man you up and down volume rocker the back in the device is very glossy and you have your asus branding here andi don't know if you can make it out but it is a very metallic looking back and if you look close enough you can seethe concentric circles which has become masseuses trademark onthe back to their devices they also have a sticker down here forsec information

and the back feels feels like plastic as you expect and then on the back hereyou have growth you can see that but there's 1xstereo speaker and here's the other stereo speaker so it'll be interesting to see how loudthis device gets now of course you can use this device asyou wish is a tablet and then if you want to use the keyboard the doc or even use the usb 3.0 port this docket right in here

mary yeah locked in a course that buttonworley said and then close it down and it looks like a netbook and that'swhat looks like from the side once clamshell with the keyboard dock connected so it's ok this thing up and interestingly when you do open thedevice on the hinge which has doesn't have anyrubber ice heat on it but it does have this law

feet areas here it actually moves a keyword up a little bit sarcasmor slant and this by the way is as open as thevice gets which should be sufficient are as youcan see the device did not come with the charge on it so i'm charging it up rightnow through the micro usb port that's amicro usb 2.0 port now just a quick correction before youfire the sub this is the power button up top butbelow the volume rocker is actually a windows key it's not a lock it's awindows key

are you also have a here on the keyboardcourse you always have a windows key on a windows desktop or laptop so thatwe can get your start menu as well so anyway or loss center here because mycourt isn't reaching too far but let's hope that it has another the charge thati can fire the sup so see what it looks like for the veryfirst time there we go its the the by

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