Thursday, 9 June 2016

asus 10 transformer tablet

hi! transformer book is an hybrid, two products in one. i mean, display can be either detached and used like a tablet, or connected and used like a laptop, a typical 10-inch netbook. it's the first, over all, with the intel bay trail processor matched with this kind of screen, it's available in italy at a very competitive price: 349 euros, with 32 gb of space, windows 8 office, complete -- not the trial version -- and this great keyboard. keyboard is not just like those of the latest android tablets by asus,

with a built-in battery...there's nothing here, only keyboard, touchpad and usb 3.0 port on the side. though, on this transformer book t100 asus improved the hinge, there's a huge hinge here... most part is metallic, with a button to open/close the two tabs, so the connection is totally stable. you can hold the tablet this way, and pull and it doesn't detach until you don't push the button... that's a big thing for such a cheap and versatile device.

build quality is good, even though it's not a top-level tablet, as we'll see then. but here, besides the metallic hinge, we have a solid keyboard, it doesn't flex in the center... all things considered, the most important things are well-made. but the real strong points of transformer book t100 are performance and battery life. forget what happened with the old atom, with previous netbooks... here we have a quad core processor, 1.3 -- 1.8 ghz, 2 gb ram, a pretty fast emmc disk,

and all that makes it a good laptop to use as the only one at home. multitasking performance is somethingyou've never seen in atom processors, full hd playback is great, even with heavier videos, powered by intel hd graphic card originated from the core ivy bridge of the previous generation of ultrabooks which allows to run recent games... moreover transformer book has the micro hdmi here on the side, so it can be connected to a larger screen and replace the main computer... the whole with a large battery life.

in my tests, transformer book lasted more than 10 hours, with wi-fi on, full brightness -- you'll have to keep the screen at full brightness almost always 'cause the display is not so good from this point of view -- however, 10 hours is a great result, obtained thanks to the intel bay trail processor and a large battery, less than 5000 mah but good enough to use the tablet for the whole day, making it similar to some android models. now, maybe you're wondering:

how could asus put all these cool features in such a cheap device? well, asus saved money on materials. build quality is good, but we can't say the same for the plastic parts... they're all low-level. the rear is glossy and really sensitive to fingerprints... on the lower edge there are these holes for the dock, very ugly... the edges aren't smooth.. the keyboard, which is better than the tablet itself, solid and matte, has this small and noisy touchpad though, just one usb port...

it has rubber feet on the base but plastic feet on the hinge, very uncomfortable, they make the tablet slip while using it... so if you use it on an inclined surface, they just slip... then, the ports are too much closeone to each other, sometimes it's difficult to use hdmi and otg at the same time. the micro sd slot sticks out a little... well, there are some compromises you have to make if you want to enjoy the main features of this transformer book t100, with its battery life, performance and price.

as for the rest, i want to reassure you about the quality of the screen, 1366x768 px, the pixel density is good, brightness is not so high so it'd be useful to keep it always at 100%. the volume of the two rear loudspeakers is good, they're small but have a nice sound and don't crackle even at high volume levels. we have wi-di miracast and wi-fi dual band with bluetooth... so you can connect it to a tv just using its miracast dongle, available in italy for a short time now.

and most of all this tablet, compared to other bay trail i'm testing, doesn't heat up even if overloaded... the keyboard stays cold too, it doesn't have hardware inside after all. and it's great, maybe while travelling, to have a device with a stable temperature,very comfortable. windows 8.1 cuts a fine figure as well, with office 2013 perfectly usable on this screen size. it takes 8-10 seconds to start,and just 1 second to restart after standby from this point of view it's every bit as good as other more expensive netbooks.

well, transformer book t100 is totally a recommended product, i couldn't find a real reason to advise against it. you'll play it safe if you want to buy it either for you or to make a present. you'll find more info on transformer book t100 in the complete review, there are a few more technical considerations, benchmarks and such. please visit bye!

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