Thursday, 28 July 2016

bella blu nyc

hey guys what's up so today i'm gonna be showing you guys a few of my fall favorites. just a heads up mostly will be clothes, because i am so much more of a fashion person in fall than any other time of the year. so the first thing i kind of want to start with my favorite thing, should i... yeah, we'll just do it. alright so the

first thing is this huge this huge i forgot what it is? :p this huge blanket scarf. it is just so cute and big and i love it. yeah, so this i got from old navy and i just got actually a little while ago and i worn like 50 times already so i am in love with this. the next thing is

actually not something that i got new like it's not new this year i have probably had these for... probably had these for like three years now. but i still love them. they are these big gray boots that i got from kohls, but like i said it was... had to be three years ago, so not sure you can still get these, but i am in love with these. i have been for a

few years now. since i got them actually, but yeah so that's that. so the next thing i want to show you guys is these cute little boot cuffs. so i made these last year yeah, i think i made these last year. they're really simple to make actually i feel like doing diy maybe on this one time. you guys should let me know if you want

me to make a video for you about these or how to make these so, yeah, let me know. yeah, these are super cute i love the maroon that's probably one of my favorite part about these. ok so the next thing that i have is this cute caramel-colored beanie. i just love this. i don't know why, but my sister got it for me for christmas last year and i absolutely love it.

it's just so cute. it's like one of my favorite things ever. so warm and i love the top of it. messed up my hair now :p yeah, this one is so cute i am in love with it. ok, so the next thing is actually two things, i'ts just this plain silky gray shirt, that i got from old navy. and i got it a size bigger, which i feel like old navy runs a size bigger, but i got this a

a size bigger than i would normally wear because i kind of wanted like a baggy shirt. and then i got this one to, from old navy, same exact thing except this one says "stay wild" and i love this one. i've worn this one a lot!! like a lot this fall. so, i love those two and of course this is maroon so... i feel like you're going to see like 50 things that are marooned in here,

because i just really like maroon. yeah. so, the next thing i got was these jeans from american eagle and they're just your basic skinny jeans, but i feel like these ones are so much softer, like i don't know there's just really soft and stretchy and like i feel like i'm wearing sweatpants when i'm wearing these. so if you know me that's totally up my alley. so now... oh, hang on. we have these leggings

these are totally more of like a pajama, around the house. but i feel like i love these they're so cute. i know wear them a lot. so, yeah, i love the pattern on them too. but yeah, so i love these, so cute. um, did i say where they were from there from.... they are from abercrombie and fitch. so yeah, i try to find a lot of the stuff but i know like these these came from a thrift store so

i'm going to try and find things, but i don't know if i can. next up we have another thrift store find, and these are.. this says american eagle outfitters, but i got from thrift store. so, um it's just a super, super long cardigan sort of thing. it's really nice to wear with like a dress or like a... i don't know a dress is usually what i wear it with. or like

leggings and an oversized shirt is really cute too. but yeah, i love this it's got little, cute little pockets. not that i ever put anything, but it's nice to have pockets. so the next thing i have for you guys is also from old navy. i feel like a lot of things are from old navy. that's kinda were i went shopping last so, probably why i have a lot things from old navy.

but anyway, we have this blue... it's kind of a crop top but it's not a crop top. because i don't, i don't like crop tops. but it's got like, it goes up in the front and then it's got a longer back. so i don't know i really like this i like the colors and i love the sleeves. like they go super long and they like narrow down so that nice and tight and warm. so yeah, this i wear this a lot with like, leggings i guess because i like how the back goes down more but

yeah this is so cute. i love this i wear a lot. so then we have this mustard infinity crochet scarf which i made and i love this i love the color. ( it's so cute ) yeah, if you guys want to see the video i made on how to make this, i will link it up right there, so you guys can go check that out if you want. but the one i made in the video is maroon. and i wear that one a lot, but i feel like i wear this one

more because its mustard and it's perfect because i feel like mustard is one of those colors where you just need a little bit like if you have too much, it might be like a little overpowering. but this is so cute to pair with like like a gray shirt with some jeans or any kind of, i like denim like if you pair this with denim it looks really cute too.

so yeah that's this. ( video cut out ) alright so anyway i have this shawl that i got from a thrift store. and it's just super cute it's like crochet, or no it's not crocheted. it's knitted and yeah i love wearing this around the house. it's like my comfy little through on thing, and yeah so cute. now we're going to do beauty, so for beauty i have this white eyeliner pen, and or eye shadow pen. it's an eye shadow waterproof pen, from new york color. and i love this because it does

the corners of your eyes really good and it's waterproof so it stays on and yeah so cute i just got this, but i have been wanting something like this for a really long time. so i was so excited to find this. the next thing i have is this harvest apple sun shades chapstick, which is from melaleuca and love melaleuca's chapsticks because i have like... i don't know they have lot of flavors. i think this is a seasonal one, but yeah i think you can still get it so i'll link that below...

along with all the other stuff from this favorites video. that have been loving is this pure ice nail polish and i'm actually wearing it now it's like a gold bronze sort of shimmery, like it's not a glitter nail polish, but it's like a metallic almost. but yeah it's a "risk taker" by pure ice and i love this nail polish. so now onto music. for music i have these earbuds that i got from tzumi,

i think that's how you say it. tzumi. i actually got these from old navy but to tzumi the brand. and they're just like silver mentally earbuds and they're so nice like super cool they just stay in good and yeah. i go through earbuds a lot like when i run i end up breaking them so much so i'm always buying them, but these are really good.

now songs i've been loving this fall are: i lived by one republic, renegades by x-ambassadors, open your eyes by snow patrol, 80s mercedes by maren morris, and then last one which is definitely my favorite, like i really love this i've been singing this so much too. like it just gets stuck in your head. is a drop in the ocean by ron pope. and that onei really love. i think that's my number one. so now onto books.

so i know this is not a book but i had no idea where else to put this in this video. and i feel like... i don't know it just goes with books for me so, that is my lemon echinacea throat coat tea by traditional met... by traditional medicinals. throat coat tea. so good i love this so much!! i'm actually drinking it right now. oh, it got cold. alright so now that i put the tea in there onto books. so the first book that i have that i've been loving this fall is the diary of a young girl by anne frank.

and i know a lot of people have read this i mean. and everyone probably knows who anne frank it's pretty much, but i did not read this until now and i've been wanting to read it for years. so that i love this year. and it was so good. anyway yeah. the second book that i have is the help by kathryn stockett. and i don't know like this book was just so like i cried in the end it was so sad, but it was such a good book like i just loved it like it was

funny and it was just like inspiring too. it was a really good book and i loved it. i definitely recommend this book for you guys, it is awesome and i loved it. i just finished actually like two days ago but it didn't take me that long either because it was one of those books that you did not want to put down, but anyway yeah so you should totally check this out.

and that's it for my books. so now onto tv shows. for tv shows i have been loving of course survivor because i always watch survivor like every season. i my aunt got me kind of stuck on it and then my mom started watching it with us so now it's kind of like a family thing we watch. so yeah watching survivor, but i just started watching this new show i am

so obsessed with it like i've only seen. like three episodes and i'm like this is the best show i've ever seen so this show you definitely have to watch it is: timeless. i don't know i love historical like, tv shows like that so.. i'm obsessed with that. anyway i'm almost out of space so i can't go into all the details about timeless, but i would love to because i love that show and you guys definitely have to check that out. but yeah, that's it so i hope you guys enjoyed this favorites video if

you did make sure to give it a big thumbs up and yeah that's it, see you guys in my next video, bye.

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