Wednesday, 27 July 2016

asus 1000

welcome to my channel, i am chris and today i will show you a build ! let's see now the items for this build zalman z11 hf1 pc case.. for its value is a real good case, we will discuss more about it later on the video.. power supply.. seasonic 850w evo edition .. because we picked an amd cpu.. you can see the unboxing of psu on my other videos, its a really top quality psu. sabertooth 990fx r2, the best choice for overclocking our amd cpu.. we will do overclock on our build, we ll talk later on the video about it corsair vengeance 1600mhz cl8 for even better rates... really good quality, all corsair products are top quality..choose em without hard thinking..

samsung evo 850 120gb ssd.. because our budget isn't that big.. and we prefer to invest more money on other parts of the build.. here we got the jewel of our build, the item that steals our focus.. gigabyte r9 390 gpu.. the perfect value for money choice .. fx 8320 cpu we have chosen this exact cpu, because we wanted the best option for streaming, multitasking.. overall heavy duty purposes on that budget... intel is atm a better cpu manufacturer , but for exactly that build and our aims amd fx 8320 was the best choice.. we talk about 8 core cpu , yes on single core is worst.. but there are apps, there are things you need multicores like streaming.. maybe is an older cpu but for our build was the best choice ! you ll ask now, why 8320 and not 8350 or even better? because we are talking about the same chipset same year same technology..

we ll overclock 8320 to 5.0ghz as we would do on any other.... so by picking 8320 you save money.. is the best value for money choice! our hdd of 1tb wd.. a common thing to see on such builds.. here we got our watercooler cpu cooler.. maelstrom 240, an item that i have done unboxing in the past... a really good choice for its value and quality ofc ! let's start our build ! the first thing we ll do is a test build.. we ll put together all items outside of the case.. so if something is defective its easier for us.. we save time and effort !! so we take out of the boxes all the items.. and now the first thing to do.. is to take mobo's box as base for our build... this way we re safer from static electricity .. something that is bad for our pc parts..

i ll show you later the exact step by step guide.. now i ll move it fast..

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