Wednesday, 22 June 2016

asus 10.1 laptop

this is a review of the ultra-compact aceraspire switch 10 convertible 2 in 1 laptop. the switch 10 comes with either 32gb or 64gbinternal hard drives along with 2gb of ram. the size is very portable and as you'll seelater, it has a lot to offer if you're a student or traveler. the switch 10 is great for achild's first laptop or even a secondary laptop. the screen is 10.1 inches with 1366x768 pixelsand features a 1080p front facing camera. the keyboard features a touchpad like you'dsee on all current laptops and the keyboard has chicklet style keys. it's a little crampedbecause of the size but for small hands, it works great. on the front there are 2 speakersthat face the keyboard. these speakers sound ok but you should be prepared to use headphonesor an external speaker for better sound. on

the left side of the screen there's a headphoneport, power switch and volume buttons. on the right side of the screen there's an acpower input, micro hdmi and usb inputs, a micro sd card reader and built-in microphone.on the right side of the keyboard, you have a single full sized usb port which could bea problem if you have lots of accessories to plug in. opening the laptop requires twohands since it's pretty tight when folded. when the screen is up, the back of it raisesthe keyboard at a slight angle for more comfort while typing. the beauty of this laptop isthe ability to easily separate the keyboard from the screen. you just have to grab thescreen and lift if off. the switch 10 uses strong magnets inside these 2 tabs to holdthe screen and keyboard together. in the center

here is the data connection for the keyboard.the nice thing is that when the 2 parts are together, it feels like a laptop and completelyintegrated into the design. ok so here's what the tablet looks like on its own. this partworks just like a windows tablet and the 10-inch touch screen is big enough to make surfingthe web easy. on the bottom you can see the slots for the keyboard dock and the keyboardconnection pins. the tablet also has a windows button on the bottom to switch from desktopto icon mode. the screen can also go from landscape to portrait mode just like any othertablet. although it's a little slow to make the transition sometimes and it isn't smoothlike it is on an ipad. all the computer components are inside the screen and you can easily connectthis to a hdtv to watch videos with. you can

also use a micro sd card for more storage.there are also different configurations of the screen. here i can flip the screen aroundand put it in tent mode for watching movies. or if you flip it around like this, acer callsthis the display mode. and of course you can remove the screen altogether and go to tabletmode. to help you get an idea of the thickness of the switch 10 i'll need the help of somecoins. here in laptop mode, the switch 10 is 13 quarters high. looking at the tabletalone, it is only 6 quarters high. to compare the size here is a 15 inch acer aspire v5,next is a 13 inch macbook pro. and here is the switch 10 in comparision. to make theswitch 10 more useful, i bought a usb multiport hub and mouse to go with it. i also got thissmall case logic carrier which fits and protects

the switch 10 on the go. the acer aspire switch10 is an excellent portable laptop. it is highly capable but i think it is better suitedfor a child's first laptop or as a travel laptop. the keyboard is small but perfectfor smaller hands. as a laptop, the whole unit feels solidly built and not flimsy. whenin use, it sits firmly on a table and doesn't move around. the best feature of the switch10 is the ability to remove the screen and use it as a tablet. i feel this is truly a2-in-one convertible laptop because it feels like a laptop when the keyboard is attachedand it can stand alone as an excellent tablet. detaching and reattaching the screen is extremelyeasy because all you have to do is lift it off and drop it back into place. there areno sliding latches to deal with like on some

convertible laptops. at around $300, it'spriced very competitively with other laptops and standalone tablets. one last thing, inoticed that the 32gb version comes with microsoft office home and student version that doesn'trequire a subscription. so that was a nice bonus. the 64gb version comes with a one yearsubscription to office 365. overall i have been very happy with this purchase. i hopeyou found this video helpful, please give me a thumbs up and don't forget to subscribefor more product reviews and how to videos.

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