Tuesday, 21 June 2016

asus 10.1 inch tablet

to pair your logitech tablet keyboard to yourandroid tablet via bluetooth, find and tap on the apps icon. in the apps pane, tap on the settings icon,then tap on “wireless & networks”. make sure bluetooth is turned on, with a greencheck mark inside the check-box. tap on “bluetooth settings”, and thentap on “find nearby devices”. turn your keyboard on, by sliding the powerswitch to the “on” position. you will see the power light turn on for a few seconds,and turn off. this indicates the keyboard has properly powered up. once the keyboard for is turned on, pressthe “connect” button on the back of the

keyboard. the bluetooth led on your keyboard will beginto flash, indicating that it is now attempting to pair with your android tablet. on your android tablet, logitech tablet keyboardshould now be listed under “found devices”. tap on “logitech tablet keyboard”, a popup message will appear, showing a four digit numeric code. type in the code on your keyboard, and thenpress enter. your logitech tablet keyboard should now bepaired to your android tablet, you may now begin to type as you would on any regularkeyboard.

you will not have to pair your keyboard againunless you pair it with a different bluetooth device such as a home theater pc or a mobilephone.

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