Thursday, 4 August 2016

blu ray player reviews

r1 is on and loading os r1: main menu browsing connected devices usb disk not recognized yet bluray rip folders on usb disk r1 detects bluray folders and shows video preview playing a bd rip info button on remote control pressed r1 shows audio tracks on bd rip

r1 shows available subtitles on bd rip r1 "simple menu" selecting additional material on bd rip playing additional material on bd rip r1 recognizes a bd.iso and shows video preview r1 playing a bd.iso file r1 "simple menu" on bd.iso r1 shows chapters on bd.iso additional material on bd.iso

r1 recognizes a dvd.iso and shows video preview r1 plays dvd.iso and supports original menus r1 can change mode directly: movies, pictures, music r1 firmware

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