Tuesday, 2 August 2016

best huawei phone

you've never seen a chinese smartphone withthis much polish before. the xiaomi mi 5 is hands down the best chinese smartphone i'veever used. so the mi 5 has a beautiful, premium design.it feels really good in your hand. it feels like something way more expensive. it hasa fantastic aluminum and glass design. it's about $305 which is half the cost ofan iphone or a galaxy s7, which is ridiculously insane the screen is a 5.1 inch display. it's a fullhd display, so not quite as sharp as the samsung galaxy s7, but it's still pretty damn good.and it's really really bright. the phone's really fast. it's got the latestqualcomm snapdragon 820 processor. performance has been really fantastic. you can play 3dgames with it, and it won't overheat. you

can run multiple apps and the performancedoesn't lag at all. so really no qualms with the performance. below the screen there's a fingerprint sensor.it works pretty quickly. you just press down on it and the screen will unlock. and in mytests, it's actually faster than the iphone 6s. the mi 5 runs android 6.0 marshmallow butit's also got xiaomi's custom skin, which is called miui 7 - it's their latest version.and as you can see, it actually looks a lot like ios. and that's no surprise, consideringthe phone is inspired by the iphone. on the bottom of the phone is the brand newusb type-c port. it's reversible, so you can flip it in any orientation.

on the front of the phone is a 4 mp cameraand it's pretty decent. the goofiest feature on the front facing camera is this kind ofage detector. and it tells you how old you are, or tries to guess how old you are andalso tells you whether you're a male or female. so right now it says i am 26 and i'm a male.so, a little bit younger than i actually am. on the back you've got a 16mp camera withdual led flash and four axis optical image stabilization. pictures look pretty good.they're a little bit saturated. but they don't look too bad. they're not as good as the iphone'sor the galaxy s7's, but not bad for a $300 phone i can't say i've ever liked a chinese phoneas much as the mi 5. it's just too bad you can't buy one in the u.s. and even if youcould, it won't work on lte. but if it is

available in your region, yes. buy it. it'sgot it all.

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