Monday, 25 July 2016

asus 10.1inch transformer book

hello, here's another asus t100 case opening...i actually got a comment - really kind comment - on the unboxing for this case, which i'llput a link in the corner to. that's for the t100ha... and the comment said could i showwhat a case for a t100 transformer book ta looks like. and i might have mentioned it,i think it actually appeared in the video. this is my sadly departed t100 ta. it gaveme so much life. i don't know if you can see... hello! there's a crack on the screen. i'vebeen using this daily for about two years. so this probably isn't a great review forit, even though i think it did me proud. i put too much in my bag, and it put a bit toomuch pressure on the hinge - and this bit's not protected. i'll show you the case in aminute - there's no padding here, it's just

a strip of leather. look, you can see whereit's worn over time where it's rubbed against things in my bag. but i carried it daily!it protected this daily. and what's really nice with this case - it's an ivso case - i.v.s.o.- i'll put a link to it underneath this video on the description. so it was a great case,even though it did eventually get cracked in my bag... i still think it was a greatcase, and it protected it for over 2 years - every day, about 2 hours of travelling,in my bag. i used this laptop daily. and it was wonderful, and it still works! it's justgot a cracked screen, and i've let it charge down. so not sure i can boot it up for you.but anyway, wheyy there it goes. so to show you what the ivso case looks like, for thet100 ta it doesn't fit this - because the

holes for the ports are in the wrong place...and there's no hole for a camera that the t100 ha has, but if you've got a t100ta thisis great. i don't know if this shows up on the camera...i'll hold it really close - this embossed ivso...and if i could find one of these for a t100ha, i'd get it in a shot, but i haven't seen oneand this doesn't fit. so what you get with this case its a t100ta case - it folds overso you've already got double - i sound like a qvc presenter - you've got double's a really good cushion either side and it's really thick. not like the folio casesthat you get - i don't know if you can see - that's thin, it's enough to buffer any impact- but it doesn't feel like the same chunky

cushion - this feels like a big wad of padding.and it's double here because this folds over. and then the way it works, is with a foliocase you get a clip which is a bit annoying when you've got your wrists resting - whenyou do as much typing as i do - this was much nicer and fits really snugly. the other thingwith a folio case you can see the keyboard moves and has to move - because of the hinge.with the t100ta because of the hinge here, it fits snugly into these leather corner for me this was the best case. i had a hard case - i wont mention the brand- in my opinion because the hard case clipped to the transformer, it cracked in about 2weeks. and it hadnt taken an impact, the bag wasnt stacked like it sometimes is, it justcracked really badly. i felt much more comfortable

with a leather case. and it's a proper case.i'll show you not that i do this that much because i always use it as a laptop... butthe back pops open. with poppers. and then its free to be undocked. the t100ta you pressa button. and there you go. and its a nice case forjust the tablet. there's magnetic things in here so it does stay closed. and then putit back together again. clip it back on. and then clip case back on with these popperson the back. so i hope it helps that you can see what itlooks like. i'll turn the light on. the way it clips onto the keyboard. with theelastic straps. something i'm worried with the t100 ha i wonder how much strain it putson the hinge. on a ta there's a gap there.

it doesnt seem to cause stress. on a t100hait really does. and i've had to cut off the strip that goes over the that's the t100ta case - it's ivso - i think it's brilliant - it really cushionedthis little computer from a lot of knocks. the link in the description below, ill linkto playlist above for t100 videos, mainly about the ha. thanks for following and it'dhelp to subscribe - button below. if these videos help at all and i'll make another casevideo any day now.

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