Wednesday, 20 July 2016

asus 10.1 vivotab

i was welcome back to the center of usedtoday we have a look at the age sees the vets have extend is to move on statenisland's in intel and jewel process of writing one point eight years and it comes with a people talk whichextends the battered by ten hours over the nine house of the tally unit and that's pretty pretty useful misraweights outcomes in a six hundred thirty five grams so it's really quite likewe're having a look at the eleven point six multitasking she's playing it it's asurprise guest panel and it's uh... full l_e_d_ bachlorette

an iran slight about hasty resolutionsay thirteen sixty six point seven sixty eight corning uh... the maker grow a glass haspurchased a thick glasses you know and says anti especially fingerprintresistant and uh... scratch resistant the camerathat we have a look at is the front facing jime pixel camera and that's good andage megapixel camera back which is uh...l_e_d_ flash which wasn't too bad either

the dark as you can see of the head end hinge design and uh... it's quite easy to take it offand put back on again which i'll show you in a moment and thus i'll tell you gotta microsee-sawed and two usb ports his side and the my christy slot sports uh...estates esti xy format signal to sixty four you buy them and so in spades uh... balcony sort of melting it ontothe dark which he sees just very very simply

and uh... taking it off in in the samefashions very zuza it's a bit of a flip the switch inside hands and then you're off again sir it's reversal amex low sense and sellit's scooters interior as well as ratings news articles on the floor and is quite good and stuff all windows iverson susmanwindows out his phone is that they can do s pupils and stole crime which iswhen i did since they were from scotland

and uh... the waco solace is intriguedsecre much when you using the the panel yuanactually uh... nadia palma's actually activating the tasenses uh... it's just and that's goneactivation seeking feel free to draw whatever you want toknow how you answered and uh... it's it's good says all sports uh... anactual useful salsas is is definitely a big plus and a whole lot of fun with its presspressure sensitive as well as the cedar say conditioning sand and differentthings i've really enjoyed the unit and

i was good to have a look at and saidi'm very personal really uh... had a good player over thisone if you've got me questions ask your blood but it's been dexterity is andthanks for joining us for another few hit the like london subscribe and i'll see you guys next time say letus

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