Friday, 15 July 2016

asus 10.1 transformer tablet

today a number of brands are you knowsentinel of thomas no i'm too high and so i'll recheck all they're gonna check on today our schoolsis a offering are the source transformer barack which is a convertible tablet othersource transformer pad is a 10-inch are out there but it hasquite a large brazil's the resolution on the tablet as 1280 by800 with some pretty decent with the viewingangle does will knock your dog or in the brightness her referral signaledthe design

it has a very standard plastic box arethere's a john rar as you can see there's thefollow button on the ball for her on the other side are you can see the3.5m or your jock at the morton you can seethe main dork now the substantial part comes withan additional addition keyboard out a source is notclearly telling us when this keyboard will be available onyou know how much it will be available for bugged out you know that is a provisionfor adult people

but then again you don't know when youget doc the micro usb port over have on the wall you looked the sun gonna inbellport poor said 3745 cpu are the 1gb of ram and 8gb of internal memorywith someone there to be less although there is expansion on board andthen the sim card slot put to use as well it comes with the really good-lookingwho steals because 1 over half on the other line on the other side wasrunning on on droid 4.4

arpit cock twitch as saw you know houseand you lie on top which is pretty small enough and judging bythe whole site is on the other it feel slightlyheavy although it's not dark him you know forsomething like that then stop there but yeah you do feel a slight bug inyour hand and with the big butt cells are it you know you can hold it reallyproperly on you know without coming onto the screen like the wholedisplay is a big thing about fingerprint magnet as you can see i'malready getting a lot of smudges on the

split we were alone though sunlight billionability it's really about on our but again that house in laurelfingerprints fine you just doctor display even on the box it getsreally building very quickly so if you have their roots ready bombslike mean are you walked in you know you're gonna get along orfingerprint talking about the performance on the school's transformerpower are the performances pretty decent areyou why is actually the knees more a what school sports as saying youlive actually face more than you know we

didn't see any larger painted absalon property flying block dianaappeared on the gaming this isn't very very paul ford the itemprocess orders that see some 45 or call one point even gotprocessor coupled with 1gb of ram it doesn't provide laurel by an apologyfor like playing games it tends to know started a better youknow there are something fame drops as well got highly really the high end games march going onwarplane something more like maybe i'm boards or somethinglike

sorry from it will walk wine but on the graphics if you want mindgames in all our it doesn't want doctor i let's quickly try are you know week 15 you when you're talking aboutthe graphics are you want from the public display at the move soul boredom all the live on thecornhole this they aren't linked way core but itruns the videos pretty good you know complain with hdvideos even 7 going to be videos becomes pretty fast and this in and allany problems with getting

we did web as you can see your hair heather cool youtube people it's a pretty loud and you know i feelbefore playing some video that for lake what on no listen to some music orsomething pretty much no pretty good to fill up ahole up talking but again the you why i likea sentence more and the you know we don't have anyshrooms power whatsoever but you on the ops allbetween then want world they're all the future northwhere laurel all

weiss's for bill your for martin or docmuch you why is lying i like i mentionedbefore hand everything walks be optionalmultitasking it's pretty much all known you can'texpect law performance on this buddy i if you wantsomething like and every day musica other working on with very highgraphics so and all uses and this is a pretty orchid so this'll stossel about should you buynow i'd 19999 this is a bit too much loss for otherperformances

north many board you look how's theinternship are all were all the design is all came backto you know we could get away with the the fingerprints on the back time and the doubt having the mean people to dockkeyboard which schools as mark the opening ofshawal it does not feel really good at this price you could walk or up something at thisprice i'm gonna really good performance by kate a better display and actually a slightly better design aswell so all without the whole package

dog he wore the the packaging the holdon some abide the haunting it doesn't look like a building

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