Monday, 11 July 2016

asus 10.1 touchscreen laptop

hello everyone! this is the asus transformer book t100 what's cool about this one, is that is has an intel atom processor, and a full version of windows 8.1 installed although my preferred operating system is linux, i think that windows offers some advantages on this type of machine. today i won't do a review, but i'll look at how windows works on this type of machine, with touch screen and everthing. here we have the transformer book docked in it's keyboard dock. it's like a computer now and the touch screen really works great in the modern ui. when i'm working in the modern ui, i prefer to use the touch screen, but as soon as i get into the desktop i prefer to use the mouse instead, as it gives extra precision. one thing i was curious about before i got to try it out, was how firefox works with a touch screen.

i will show you that now. let's go to wikipedia firefox won't work like internet explorer or any browser you are used to on a tablet, when you pinch-zoom, it will just enlarge the text, and it won't zoom in on the page. if we instead go to the touch-friendly modern ui version of firefox, we'll see that the zoom works in another way. when i pinch-zoom, it will just zoom in instead of enlarging the text. another thing we can have a look at, is how changing the volume works on a touch-screen if i start some music, the most obvious way to change the volume is with this little slider. but, it's quite hard to get it to work, as if you don't hit the slider perfectly, it will just jump around you have to put your finger in exact the right position to get it to work.

there's a easier and more touch-friendly way in the settings-menu, and this slider will work much better with the touch-screen. copy-pasting also works quite well on the touch screen.all you have to do is drag your finger across the text, then press and hold to get up the right-click menu and press copy. go to the other window, hold, and click paste. you can also bring up the keyboard, and press ctrl+v if you want to maximize your screen's real-estate, you can use the smaller taskbar buttons. if you want even more real-estate, you can auto-hide the taskbar. but that does not work so well, as you can't swipe from the bottom, you have to swipe from the top. then, if you want to bring up the keyboard you lose focus so you can't enter an url. if we take a look at the power-settings, you'll see that the only setting here is when to put the tablet to sleep.

there's no way to set when to turn off the display, and that is because of something called connected standby. in order to demonstrate connected standby, i'll open up the tunein app and start playing a radio station. with the radio station in the modern ui playing, i'll open up firefox in the desktop and start another music video. now we have two pieces of music playing at the same time, and when i put the computer to sleep... will hear that there's only the modern ui radio station playing. if i unlock the tablet, you'll hear that the youtube music video is now playing again. if you're downloading a file and the computer goes to sleep, then your download will stop however, that can be solved by going into the settings of most torrenting programs and check the "inhibit system sleep while torrents are active". if you're wondering how to get to the bios on this type of machine, many people say that the way is to go through the update and recovery

and use the advanced startup from there. using that method you can get into the bios, but it is also possible go get into the bios directly when booting the computer. all you have to do is to press down the volume-down button while powering on the tablet, and you'll see this boot manager. if you don't have a keyboard, you can use the volume buttons to navigate. with the volume-up button you can go through the menus, and the volume-down button enters a menu. if you then want to install linux, secure boot can be a obstacle for that. it's not too hard to disable it. after you have disabled secure boot, your computer will show the message "preparing bitlocker revovery", and show a blue screen asking you to enter your bitlocker recovery key. this recovery key you can find either in the control panel, or online if you log into your microsoft account.

after you have entered the key, it's stored so you won't have to enter it again. there i showed you a little how windows 8 works on a tablet with a touch-screen. i hope you enjoyed this video, and if you are interested please check out my other videos as well. have a great day!

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