Tuesday, 5 July 2016

asus 10.1 tablet with detachable keyboard reviews

did you see that? hi it's lucy from makeit mine and today i'm going to talk to you about the hp pavilion x2 2-in-1tablet. whether you're working or on the go, this tablet provides the best ofboth worlds. it has a magnetic hinge which makes it easy to attach and detach the tabletfrom the keyboard. the new hinge design gives you more stability andperformance whether at home or in the office. it has the 10.1 inch touch displayscreen which is just a little bit bigger than the ipad which makes it perfect for watching all the new episodes of orange is the new black on netflix. it comes pre-loaded with the windows 10 operating system and microsoft office 365 which

makes it perfect for opening spreadsheets, documents and presentations. the x2 comes with 32 gigabytes of internal storage which makes it perfect for storing all those holiday snaps and downloads. if that's not enough storage you can also connectan external hard drive to one of the usb ports. you can connect your tv through hdmi port ordownload your camera through the micro sd slot. if cables aren't your thing, you can also connect to your devices wirelessly through bluetooth and wi-fi. one of the main features of the x2 is a super long battery life giving you twelve hours of work and play. if the hp pavilion x2 sounds like the right tablet for you, you can rent yourvery own at makeitmine.com.au i hope you've enjoyed this reviewand i hope you enjoy your new tablet.

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