Monday, 6 June 2016

asus 10 tablet review

g'kitten internet! this is actually the third time i've attemptedto record this video because, fun fact: my camera can overheat! so... i did not upload a video yesterday because,i recorded it and it sucked. it was boring, i didn't even like lookingat it when it came to editing and, what i'm trying to do is actually have fun with myvideos. talk about things i want to talk about, notjust record a vlog because i have to or anything like that, so, no video yesterday!

one thing i did want to mention though, isthat i'm trying to have some themes for certain days and tuesday is going to be tech tuesday,which means that i'm going to be talking about tech. in this case, i'm going to be talking abouta recent somewhat major tech purchase that i've had. so, let me quickly go over the types of thingsthat i've purchased before. this well this is the box, but this is myfirst tablet, which is an hp touchpad. i.. kind of liked my touchpad. i found that i didn't really end up usingit because it was really bulky and heavy.

if you're familiar with an original's identical to an original ipad. i think it is even using the same screen. i sold this a few years ago, because i wasn'tusing it. and.. about three years ago, i decided thati wanted something smaller, so i have my nexus 7. i've shown this in a video beforenexus 7. battery's currently dead, so its not goingto turn on. this is a slightly different case than i hadbefore, but i.. greatly liked my nexus 7. i loved this tablet so much.

unfortunately i loved it enough where- youcan actually see the stairs back there. one morning, about three months ago, i waswalking down the stairs, i tripped, i fell, tablet went.. splat. landed screen-side, shattered the screen. also, destroyed the digitizer while i wasat it. i've replaced the screen and digitizer, butunfortunately in the process of repairing this tablet, i.. damaged one of the connectorson a daughterboard, and now it has basically this line of- this horizontal line that goesacross it.

just.. touchscreen doesn't work. so, recently i decided to pick up a new tablet. this is my asus zenpad 3s 10, because dangdo people suck at actually making names for tech devices. holy crap, i need to rant about that at someother.. video, but. this is a 9.7 inch 4 by 3 aspect ratio tablet. i can even turn this on, although it is gettinga little late. the specs don't really matter that much, i'lljust go over briefly the ones that i care about.

it has - it runs android 6.0, unfortunately,i wish that it was on a more modern version. it has 4 gig of ram, it has 64 gig of storage,it has a microsd card slot, so i can add in additional storage - up to.. i think 256 gig additional. front facing camera, rear facing camera. no flash, because it is a tablet, why am itaking pictures with my tablet? usb -c port, which is one of the major featuresthat i wanted since everything else that i own is now usb-c (except for my desktop). and it even has... a stylus!

this is an active stylus, so it is not oneof those that basically emulate your pinky. it is a real stylus, so i can do drawingson it and it is relatively fine tipped. works fairly well. i'm not very good at drawing - i'll includeone of the drawings that i've done over to the right (left). but.. it is good enough for my sketches andthat's mostly what i wanted to be able to do is to do a quick sketch while i'm roleplaying. maybe draw out a couple of maps, especiallywhen i'm running games, it is very helpful. that's about it.

so, i primarily use my tablet as a media consumptiondevice. that's really what tablets are meant for. in this case i use it primarily to read things.especially in the morning. when i first get up, this is the device that i read. i also use it for watching youtube videos (captions to be continued at a later date - youtube glitch, will fix later!)

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